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Jean Baptiste Vuillaume "Picture Bow" Stanhope Lens
J B Vuillaume Stanhope for "Picture Bow"

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume "Picture Bow" Stanhope Lens

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J. B. Vuillaume "picture-bow" Stanhope Lens replacement. Features one of the most common Vuillaume picture bow images and depicts French Master violin & bow-maker Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in his Paris workshop. Vuillaume is wearing a fez and standing next to a table littered with unfinished violin parts as he holds a complete white violin in his hands. The hand-scripted caption is an exact reproduction of that found in the original Vuillaume bows. It reads "J. B. Vuillaume". This stanhope is accurate in every way and imperceptible as a replacement, even to an accredited expert. This lens will restore the value to a missing lens in a Vuillaume picturebow as such bows are devalued by nearly half when the lens is missing.

The dimensions of this lens are 3mm diameter by 7.5mm long. Most of the Vuillaume bows require lenses of a diameter of about 2.5mm-2.7mm. You can have the lens made to this or any other smaller diameter for an extra charge. It is also possible to have the lens made slightly shorter upon request. To ascertain the proper size needed for restoration, slide drill bits through the hole in the frog increasing the diameter of the bit until you reach a bit which will no longer pass through. The last drill bit which will fit is the proper diameter to have your replacement lens made. Select that diameter from the drop-down list when ordering.

We are specialists at restoring Vuillaume, Simon, Maire, Peccatte and other French & German bows with stanhopes. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a restoration today.

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